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Democratizing Game Design

We provide game design recipes that work out of the box, increase your game’s retention and maximize players’ loyalty

Our solution

Gameefy is an easy and quick way to add meta game mechanics to your game and offer an in-depth experience to your players.


We offer a great variety of game design recipes for all trending game genres for both pc and mobile that are easy to integrate and do not require any programming experience.


Gameefy provides a seamless experience with both Unity 3D engine and Ureal engine.

Game Design Recipes

Game mechanics templates for all trending game genres that work straight out of the box

Mechanics That Work

From game economy to leaderboards and from achievements to tournaments

Seamless Experience

Integrating our platform to your game is a very familiar experience for all supported game engines

No Expertise Required

Increase retention and maximize loyalty with no extra programming needed

Easy Integration

We provide a seamless integration experience with all supported game engines. Adding Gameefy to your game is as easy as a drag and drop allowing you to focus on choosing the right recipe for your game.

Upgraded game experience

Gameefy is a great source of meta game mechanics that will allow you to add depth to your game and make it competitive quick and easy. The main three categories that are covered are economic, competitive and appointment. With Gameefy you are able to create game currencies, leaderboards and achievements in no time.

Preconfigured game templates

Gameefy supports a great variety of game genres and its list is updated weekly in order to keep up with the latest trends. Our recipes are balanced game design templates that offer the desired gaming experience and allows developers to focus on making the actual game.

Core Team


We are an experienced group of people that are passionate about games and technology. We have already published several video games and our need for custom and unique experiences lead us to creating Gameefy. A game design platform from developers to developers.




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Creative Director

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